DNS Management Made Easy.

Meet DNSVault

Why DNSVault?

DNSVault is a DNS management appliance. Easy to use, secure and reliable, for your business need. IPv6 ready and BIND compatible. The best DNS Management Solutions you can get for your business.

Solution Benefits

  • Simplify DNS Management, reducing error and man hour.
  • Simplest DNSSEC activation and management.
  • Extensive view of DNS statistic with graph
  • IPv6 Ready Out of the box - Support both IPv4 and IPv6 record simultaneously.
  • Support DNS View - Configure single domain with different address record.
  • Affordable cost of implementation compared to other DNS Solutions.
  • Secure and reliable - Focus strongly on DNS, no other unrelated internal network service such as DHCP, WINS, and TFTP installed thus giving more resource and increase security.



  • Secure web interface
  • Built-in user authentication
  • Built in automation and data validation
  • Hardened FreeBSD kernel.
  • Auto blacklist DNS attack.

Fast and Efficient

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN
  • Support for an unlimited number of remote secondary servers
  • Simple DNSSEC zone signing with one click.
  • Automatic fetch DNSKEY from children zone


  • Compatible with BIND compliant systems
  • Integrates with Windows Active Directory
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 records
  • Support most DNS resource records
  • Support secure dynamic DNS update



  • Simple upgrade facility: firmware update with option to rollback to previous version
  • Automated DNS zone serial numbers management with logs based on serial number
  • Automated zone signing and DNSSEC key rollover

Future Proof

  • DNSSEC ready 4033,4034,4035 (DNSSECbis), 5155(NSEC3)
  • IPv6 Ready (Native and Tunneled mode)
  • Multiuser DNS management
  • Advance Networking Feature
  • Support DNS View
  • Support Monitoring and Reporting

DNS Firewall*

DNS Firewall (DNSRPZ) protect the user against online DNS-based malware by providing blacklist filtering that prevent end user from reaching malware websites and block the communication between infected client to the command center.

  • No installation needed on the client machines
  • Work robustly and proactively stopping malware
  • Fast and simple update.
  • Simple and easy blacklist management.
  • Customization your own blacklist
* Only available in DNSVault Firewall version

With DNSVault maintenance, users receive a platform that is tailored for customer environments that require access to 24x7 technical support services for critical issues and development support during business hours.