Intelligence Threat Protection

For Cyber Threat Management

Control, Secure, and Analyse every aspect of the DNS performance

  • A holistic and unified platform that empowers admins to control, secure, and analyse every aspect of the DNS performance, security, agility and availability whether it is on premises, in data centres, or even in the cloud.
  • By automating essential processes, eradicating solution silos and integrating into your existing ecosystem, mitigating risk proactively, every aspect of DNS are in context and leveraging DNS data for a truly intelligence Threat Protection
  • Able to revolutionize the way DNS admins view the raw data of the DNS statistics and logs providing advanced threat intelligence protections
  • Automatically monitor DNS and related service health and status and can predictively adjust capacity based on needs
  • Complete cyber attack investigation tools to address the potential cyber threat.
  • Alert system for any malicious attempt to damage or disrupt a computer network or system.
  • Monitor suspicious network activity, malicious code, viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits, unauthorized data transfers, phishing attack and exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Real-time Big Data driven situational awareness. Faster decision for expedient, damage limiting actions.