DNSVault Background

DNS Management Platform with a Strong Focus on Security


At DNSVault we always focus on security on every aspect of our product and services. We believe that without security our privacy is strip open. Security and transparency are the privacy’s key to drive successes.


DNSVault envisioned to be the leader and pioneer in DNS technology in Malaysia. We have dedicated our life and passion to produce the best DNS solution for Malaysia market and also for the world.


Within DNSVault, we believe knowledge is limitless, our researcher and developer are always working to provides the bleeding edge solutions to the evolving IT infrastructure relating to DNS and network security technology.


Policies of DNSVault
Customer Trust

DNSVault aims to provide the best solutions with comprehen sive security to protect its customer from ever-changing cyber threats.

We believe, DNS should not be taken for granted and its security is equally important for the welfare of the internet. With our product line, DNSVault guarantees our customer satisfactions with our services.

Positive Mindset

We believe upright character, clear ethical beliefs, and distinguished knowledge make an outstanding individual with a positive impact on the world.

DNSVault strives to instill those characteristics into all of our employees so we may continue progressing in this field.



Contributing to society with DNS security products utilizing creative technology, DNSVault has decades of research under its belt.

Our researcher and developer work tirelessly to bring the most up-to-date technology to be implemented in our products.


Quality Assurance

We seek to provide the utmost in product quality , development, and compliance.

Through our innovative quality management system, each one of our customers can be assured that they will receive the most specialized and sophisticated service.

Design Identity

With services and solutions that contribute to the unique value of each customer, we make our design integration management program a priority.

Rather than providing a pre-package universal product, we aim for solutions designed to best fit each customer’s environments.

Green IT Security

Eco-friendly management, products, and business sites should be a right, not a privilege.

Through data and web security, DNSVault strives to make not just a safer, but greener security system.