DNSVault RPZdb

Response Policy Zone Database for DNS Blacklist System

Automatically blocked and notify malicious DNS activity

  • To provide context-aware DNS security, DNS admins can outsmart and mitigate threats rapidly without much works.
  • With advance statistic and reporting, DNS admin can prioritize response to genuine threats by cutting through all the noise swiftly using context.
  • Protect your business by automatically blocked and notify malicious DNS activity at control points.
  • Take control over your network security with the new dimension, stop malware even before they try to get you.
  • RPZDB provides the ultimate database of blacklist data, with cutting-edge transfer and detections data.
  • RPZDB can stop infections weeks or month faster than standard in-house protections.
  • Create your own blacklist, and propagate it to all your recursive DNS server.
  • Intelligently predict threats that could harm your network by analysing the DNS query pattern and automatically seal critical network vulnerabilities leave unprotected by other solutions.