DNSVault Sponsoring NanoSec Conference Again This Year

The Intercontinental KL, 9th October 2019.

DNSVault continuous support by sponsoring NanoSec Conference again this year as onyx sponsor.

2 Keynotes, 6 great talks by 7 speakers.
This year’s NanoSec Conference speakers’ list:

1) Farewell, WAF – Exploiting SQL Injection from Mutation to Polymorphism by Boik Su
2) Wireless Exploitation: Attacking IoT/OT with SDR by Harshit Agrawal & Himanshu Mehta
3) Code Execution Analysis in Mobile Apps by Abdullah Joseph
4) QiLing: Lightweight Advanced Binary Analyzer by KaiJern Lau
5) Malware Classification using Deep Learning by Mohd Shahril
6) Attacking & Securing Healthcare Standards & Pentest Medical Devices by Ajay Pratap Singh